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Open-Fire Pop Popcorn Popper - Instructions

  • Assembly

    • Fully extend the 2 foot popper handle by raising/lifting the gray clasp located on the popper handle and sliding the handle outward.
    • Once fully extended, lock the extended popper handle in place by lowering the gray clasp and securing it into place.
    • Attach the handle to the lid by aligning the handle above the 2 flat attachment hooks located on the popper lid, and slide back to lock/attach the handle into place. Before using ensure handle is tightly locked into place.

  • Popping Instructions

    • Add 3 tablespoons of oil and 1/3 cup of popcorn to the popper and close lid.
    • Hold popper over flame in your fireplace, grill or campfire and shake popper from front to back.
    • Total popping should complete in approximately 2 - 4 minutes.
    • Remove from heat when popping starts to slow or stop and pour into bowl immediately. Add butter and salt to taste.

  • Storing:

    • To detach the handle for storage, press the aluminum clip down, located on the lid where handle attaches to lid while holding the clip down slide handle forward and lift up.
    • Once the handle is detached, lift the grey clasp on handle to collapse the handle down.
    • After the handle is completely collapsed down - push gray clasp on the handle down to lock the sliding handle into storage position.
    • If hanging for storage - leave handle attached to the lid and collapse handle down and hang by the strap located at the end of the handle.

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